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Monday, January 3, 2011

The Divine Miss M & I

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Just for fun. Just for 25 years of hearing..."did anyone ever tell you..." "oh my gosh, who is it?"..."that singer"..."you look JUST like her!..."
And I say, yes. Weekly, yes. In the grocery story, yes. In the Mall, yes. In the doctor's office, yes. In the shoe store, yes. Everywhere, yes. When I was 20, yes. When I was 40, yes.
Yes! I look just like Bette Midler! The Queen! The Divine Miss M!

So whether you call it a crazy mixed up gene pool (from what my mother tells me I am supposed to have only Scottish and Irish blood in me, while the Divine Miss M is of Jewish heritage) or whether it's just the cheekbones and eyes and smile came similar...who knows? Someday you will see me on Regis and Kelly on Celebrity Look-A-Like week and I will be the victor. I will walk away with the big prize! Wish me luck.

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