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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Yo, Snow

Ah the "Storm Team" forecasters live for this. They love to predict and are giddy with anticipation. Well, on this January day, they were completely right! We got buried! This is right outside the back door.
Without any trouble, Ronan sinks right in.
I am standing in the street, taking this one. Must be 4 feet of snow where the plows pushed it along the street. I always think my house looks every bit the same at it must have in 1930 or 1950 in the snow. It is at least that old and just has a nostalgic vintage look and I envision other generations of kids running around in the snow right in the same front yard.
Little brother, watch out for big brother 'cause he is not stopping with his electric Toro power shovel!
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