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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Don't They Make Such a Pretty Pair?

Shopping on Monday, I walked by these babies at Home Goods. Then I walked back down the aisle and thought "hey - those are really great lamps!" and then walked away again. I went to the store to look at rugs I kept telling myself. Then I asked myself the all important question. "How would you feel if someone walked right up behind you and put them in their cart?" And when I broke into a cold sweat (lol) then I knew that it wasn't just a passing fancy, that I really did LOVE these lamps.
I love the color, sort of a taupey-green that goes with everything. I love the elegant column-style base but I what drew me to them were the shades, of course. A little petticoat, a little parisienne, a little formal, a little informal.
Just right for me.
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  1. Hi Martha!
    Happy Saturday! Love the lamps-don't you just love Homegoods. Did you paint the lovely picture in the background?

  2. HI Judy,

    Yes, I love HomeGoods. So hard to resist. I did paint that picture. I "used" to be very creative, and I just get caught up in every day busy-ness and then find it's been way too long.