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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Grace Period

These are the happy days before the strife over how to pay and being sad that he's leaving the nest. It is like we all get accepted with every reply that comes in. Gone are the days of waiting for above "snail" mail. Oh no, these college applicants get notified via email well before anything actually comes in the mailbox. Last Saturday night I was in the ladies' room at a school auction and heard my phone beep. It was 8 pm and my son texted me that he had gotten in to a favorite school (with a "leadership grant" awarded as well - oh NOW I am just bragging!)

Before it is all said and done in a month or so there will be disappointment over not getting into some schools and happiness about others. There will be nuts and bolts discussions over loans and trips to visit the colleges within driving distance. (The darling child has applied to some schools very far away...I guess if he wants to go there he'll just pack his rucksack and get on a plane and go!)

But for now, we are all caught up in the exciting journey.
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