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Friday, March 18, 2011

A little damage done at Macy's

It happens every so often, to all of us, right? Not a big shopping trip, maybe just a quick browse. But for some reason the guilty pang doesn't kick in and on top of that sticker shock goes out the window. It just seems like it's all good. Had it happen to me at Macy's this week. First I picked up this great leather slouchy bag. I loved everything about it. It's a weathered grey metallic with a little copper running through it. It will get better with age.
The next handbag aisle over I saw these cute cross-body bags in a million colors. I liked the pearl color, has just enough sheen to it to feel dressy even with jeans. It's long enough, it's deep enough, and it has lots and lots of pockets.
I was almost back out to the Mall entrance and on my way to the car when these peasant blouses caught my eye. Hmmm...I probably won't fit...probably won't look that great...I will try it on and it will be all pulling on me and I will regret trying it on. But hey, ya know what? It looked very cute so I bought it in black, too. So in conclusion, Macy's is having a great sale and as you can see I jumped right in and 3 days later haven't had a twinge of guilt ; )
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