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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Inspired Cupcakes

I had planned a visit to my friend Pam today as she has been laid up with a bad back. Cupcakes! I thought, sure to cheer anyone up.

I was also very happy when wondering how to transport them, I found some cake boxes that I had ordered from the Kitchen Krafts catalog. If you've never looked through it you find all of this great stuff you never knew you needed. But how cool to have a baker's box to put the cupcakes in. Who cares how they taste (although they are great) the presentation is a perfect 10!

This sanding sugar is from Market Basket. In the bakery section they have a little stand with the most BEAUTIFUL colored sugars. Blue and pink and light green. (yes, you can go to Williams-Sonoma and pay double for your sanding sugars as I have in the past - sorry, Peggy! - or you can pay two bucks at the M.B.) If you are into this kind of thing, if you are a baker, then colored sanding sugars really get your attention. I just bought it because I couldn't resist the color and thought putting it on the strawberry cupcakes would be like eating a little piece of Spring.

Ok, the whole while I am listening to Adele's new CD, "Rolling in the Deep". Where do I begin? As inspired and transformative as any songstress I have ever heard. She is amazing and today she inspired cupcakes.


  1. Those are certainly adorable cupcakes!
    Also Adele is so wonderful and talented. That album is spectacular.

  2. Agreed Cinz!! LOVE Adele's songs!! Such great cupcake music!!