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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Johnny Was

Have you ever seen someone and thought, that's my style!  But I don't have it yet...I am still wearing the perfectly acceptable but not quite ME uniform of jeans, crops, chinos, tanks, cardys, etc. that came from working at Lands' End for five years. Cute but not quite there yet.  I had a huge moment when I came upon this website.  

Perhaps it was the first time I saw the cover of Carole King's Tapestry  in the 1970's.  The pretty long hair, the bell-bottom jeans, the crewel work in her hands.  It had a great impact.  Every once in a while I would find a great garment that I loved and wore to death, but for the most part I still found my perfect style a bit elusive.  (frankly it's all about the benjamins, too...throw a few bucks around and you can find most anything)

And then one fine day there it was.  The website.  Nirvana.  Angels singing.  Allelulia.  This is me.  Even the inside label is boho chic.  Now back to the benjamins.  Yes, I have two tops from them.  And yes, I paid $200.00 each for them.  And yes, I think that is too much money.  But they are silk and they are gorgeous and most importantly when I put them on they make me happy like I have finally found what I am looking for.  

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