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Friday, June 28, 2013

Miranda's Graduation Cake (my first layer cake)

It was quite a baking weekend.  The Grad Cake and the Rainbow Cake all needed in the same two days.  The KitchenAid never stopped.  So I got to thinking...that in all of my time baking I have never made a multi-layer cake and frosting from scratch.  Cookies, whoopie pies, trifles, fruit pies, apple cake, banana bread, etc. but never a layer cake.

So when my friend, Kathy, asked if I'd like to make her daughter's grad cake, I welcomed the chance.  The flavor they chose was vanilla with raspberry filling and Italian meringue buttercream.  At the same time I was pretty nervous, because I wanted it to come out great.  My friends have all listened to my journey with cooking school/baking/cake decorating classes and I wanted all that I had learned to happen in that cake!

I was very pleased with the outcome and Kathy gave me rave reviews on texture, flavor and design.  It was no easy task but I didn't really expect that it would be.  A more clear vision I now have about why party and wedding cakes are so expensive.  Labor, labor and labor!

Mission accomplished!  It's the kind of thing you have to love to do and once I gain a bit more confidence and find a groove I can shake off the nerves for the next time.

(because I will honestly admit that in the middle of it I said
"I don't want to do this anymore!"...
never mind getting it out of the house, into the car and to the party)

But the sweet graduation girl was very pleased and in the end as Robert Frost said "that has made all the difference."

There's got to be a morning after.  And and this is it.  I have got to take it like a soldier.  It means they liked it, they really liked it!  Every baker knows their little gems can't live on into infinity for what would be the purpose of making it in the first place?  Still, ouchie.  And I heard something about the dog sneaking a piece and having a slight digestion problem ; )  Oh well, can't please everyone.
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