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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Last Hurrah

Brady had said that he would like to have a college-send-off party before he left and so we granted permission and of course, I love any excuse to make my yard look like a Mexican cantina! Sweet! He avoids sentimentality at all costs so while he was at work I took the opportunity to make the food table a little shrine ; )

This is the chilled out period right after dusk but just before 8pm, which is when his party started. He had to work until 7pm...his last day of work before he leaves for Illinois...and so we did all of the prep work, food, etc. I made 5 chocolate trifles. That's right - 5! He said everyone wanted "a lot" and we always run out, so we whipped cream, stirred pudding and baked chocolate cakes all night long last night and today put them all together. They made it through 2 1/2 giant bowls of trifle. The others I am sure I can find a good home for!

You won't need it, dear son, but good luck in your new adventure so far away from home!!!

Best buddies. Stay forever young. These are the days to remember. The best is yet to come. Your mothers and fathers love you. Somebody hand me a tissue.
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