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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

raspberries and chocolate chips

11 a.m. breakfast. Still sorta on beach time. The teenagers slept all morning on vacation, which made Ronan and momma very antsy. We only had one car until dad came up on Wednesday night, so it was either leave them in the house to be totally lazy or wait for them to rouse and drag their behinds to the beach.

Anyway...back at home...this waffle maker owes me nada. It is stupendous. I think we paid $100 bucks at Williams-Sonoma but let me tell you it was worth every single penny. You can't make a mistake. It whistles when it's hot enough and it whistles when the waffle is ready. This morning I just threw out combo suggestions from what I had around. Raspberries and chocolate chips for two of them, plain choco chips for...well, I'll just say it...Brady. He's not a big "take chances on food" kind of kid.

But as we countdown to the August 17th college departure date, I for one cherish these unrushed mornings where the boys can just goof off and relax over waffles, even if breakfast smushes over to lunchtime.
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