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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Farmer's Market

My friend Dolly's very health-minded daughter has a booth at the local farmer's market making detoxifying drinks.  So I got up this Saturday morning and checked it out!

Brought Ronan along.  He loves retail therapy especially when he get to pick out his own flavors of jam.

For all of the lemongrass, spinach and many other things that were thrown in this green shake, if the 11 year old finished it, she's doing a very good job!

Yup.  Bought some of these.

Just inspired by all of this to eat better this summer.  It smells fresh and delicious.  When we got back we had the jam on fresh wheat bread that we bought and for lunch I had a lettuce, tomato and cucumber sandwich.  Now I am off to work where my usual cravings would typically blow my efforts all to heck, but I have my detoxifying brew working it's magic today!
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