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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Master Bedroom - Handpainted Footboard

On another rather sultry summer afternoon I set up underneath the canopy on the back deck and got to work on the footboard.  While the after-effect is light and fluffy, just like I wanted, it was a bit of an arduous task.  I set a goal of one day for the headboard and one day for the footboard.  Hard on the back, though, and the artist is paying for it today!  I should have propped it up on something but at the time is was more convenient to just lay it on the table, but did require me to stand over it for a few hours. 

A few cold glasses of iced tea and with magazine tear sheets a references, I set about matching the design of the headbord.  I am very happy with the results! 

This is the backside of the footboard, the original color of the wood.  I do love taking something old, worn, scrappy or just something that someone has tired of and making into a real gem.  Goal accomplished!
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