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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

don't know nothin' about - One Direction!

Although I do have a child in this age group, he's a boy, and therefore runs from anything that girls like.  And from what I understand, girls REALLY like this band, One Direction, and when I asked my son about them all I heard was "oh, Mom,!"

So this morning on the Today show I could sit back and look at the scene rather objectively.  They said people (well, girls and their parents, let's be honest) had been camped out for days, even in the rain.  They said it was the biggest crowd for any concert they've ever had.  All of those hopeful, sweet pre-teen faces in the crowd just hoping to catch the eye of the cute boys on stage and imagining going on tour with them and buying a lovely English manor and raising springer spaniels...
oh SNAP, that is my daydream (with Phil "how can I just let you walk away" Collins) .

And yes, the boys are totally cute.  They all have pretty faces and look sharp in their blazers and white tennies.  Being British makes them exotic to the young girls, I am sure.  But I just have to give major props to the loving parents who decided to commit to an effort so monumental that I am sure the story of what it took to get there, how long they had to wait, where they stayed and how the concert was will be told at Thanksgiving dinners for years to come. 
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