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Friday, March 23, 2012

Excellent Adventure - Breads!

Going to this class is like taking a happy pill. It's just fun. Here is my "mise en place" for my bread of choice today - Challah. Eggs, honey, potato (who knew?).

A classmate working hard on her french bread dough.

This makes me happy. It makes me want to put food in these pans. To melt and stir and blend.

This was one of the first "breads" done today so we all had it for lunch. It's an jalapeno and corn cornbread. Really good and just a bit spicy. It would be a great addition to any Mexican dinner.

Another classmate chose pizza dough. Here she has assembled her toppings.

Oh boy did we all wait for these sticky buns to be done! Something about being in class that makes all of the steps - that seem so daunting when I am at home - seem manageable.

The mini pizzas being assembled.

The lovely breads fresh from the oven. "Could I make all my own breads from now on?" I thought, perhaps caught up in the moment. Would that it were so. But I can say that I will take the skills I learned today and make more of an effort to make it from scratch now and then. And however much I ever pay again for fresh bread from a bakery, it will be worth every penny.

Me and my beautiful Challah. Woo Hoo. I am proud.
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