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Friday, March 16, 2012

The Pioneer Woman

(Let's see if I can use my country speak...)
Last night a bunch of us gals rode into town to see Ree Drummond, the famous blogger, cookbook author, mom and wife of The Marlboro Man. She was really a delight, very funny and self-deprecating at the same time. She said that even though she was in a sold out audience of people who must have come here to see her... she will assumes "you all don't even know my name."

She lives a different life from most people in her Boston audience yet she remains completely relatable. She homeschools her kids she says because they live so far away from the schools that when the tried it with their first kindergartener, she was gone from 6:30 am to 4:45 pm! And even though her admission of homeschooling got some big cheers from the audience she admits she doesn't think one form of teaching is better than another.

I brought my book with me in hopes of getting her to sign it. The line was out the door and around the corner. So my friend Donna and I got something to eat and two hours later she was still sitting in that table at Brookline Booksmith with a big smile on her face, signing books and taking time to speak to everyone. At 10:00 pm there were still 70 people in line and we decided to head home - without a signature.

The web and blogosphere has opened all of us up to a whole new world and no doubt it was felt by Ree Drummond last night as a sold out crowd loved her before they even met her in person.
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