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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Excellent Adventure - French Macarons

Last night a Master Class in French Macarons (the French spelling). We know them as Macaroons. In fact I thought I was going to learn how to make the pretty coconut macaroons like Au Bon Pain sells. Ha ha. The French pastry chef looked at me and said "if that is what you want, you need to take an Italian baking class!" He was very nice, actually, and our class of 10 women was whisked through our paces learning how shiny the egg whites should be, how long to beat them, how to pipe the dough onto the baking sheet with precisely the right "swish" motion at the end to avoid having them come to point at the top. (like a Hershey's kiss. That's what you don't want.)

Then the fillings...blueberry, raspberry, pistachio, coffee. T'is artwork to me.
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