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Monday, December 7, 2009

Festival of Trees

Oh bring on the holiday spirit. I love this event! What a great fundraising idea that has tremendous success over the years. It's called the "Festival of Trees".

Here's how it works. Trees are donated by individuals, schools and companies. They are all set up in the cafeterial of the middle school. The school is open both Saturday and Sunday and raffle tickets are sold and each tree has a bucket underneath and you put in your tickets for your favorite tree.
There were "Lego" trees and "Twilight" trees and "CD" trees and even "Money" trees with dollar bills clipped to it. It's lovely enough to have one tree in your house, but truly uplifting to be surrounded by all of these twinkles.

A little pink and white sparkler.
Our elementary school made ornaments out of lifesavers and the school collected money for gift cards which were also on the tree.
At 5pm, the winners are announced. Boy did we cross our fingers for the Lego tree, but sadly, we won nothing!
But I told Ronan that he does win in another way since all of the money raised goes directly to the Reading Technology Fund which purchased computers and other equipment for all 7 schools in Reading.
And what's Christmas without a little Snoop-dog?

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