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Monday, December 7, 2009

Slipcovers, Part 1

Although he looks like Santa, his name is really Stanley. He's super-duper slipcover guy. I've been working with him for a dozen years or so, changing out worn out slipcovers on couches that my boys and dogs have rough-and-tumbled over.

Well this time, I've economized. The pea green crushed velvet ottoman that you can see just a little of is 30 years old from our neighbors growing up. The other furniture is not new, but rather mostly Craigslist purchases. All in wonderful, clean shape, but nothing matched either my taste or my color palette. So off to Zimmans I went in search of more durable fabric in a neutral color that my boys and dog could still lounge all over. I threw in a little leopard for me and a little graphic dog print for Ronan.

All the tools a master needs. He'll re-do my loveseat, 2 wingback chairs, 3 ottomans and recover the pillows on my kitchen couch. I hope they'll be here by Christmas. That would be the best present ever for this girl.

Not a ruler to be found. Just draped and cut. Made some chalk marks. Cut and pinned. Front and back, left and right. I just sat and drank my coffee. Well, and wrote the fat check.
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