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Thursday, December 31, 2009

and little imaginary village

I have no idea how I found the time or how I got my sons to find the time to help me...but this year I cleaned off my big french country linen bureau (a beauty for $200 at Todd Farm) with the white marble top ($1,000 when husband was traveling..I "needed" it - all before the financial crash let's just say that right up front) and set up my "A Christmas Story" village.

I added bits and pieces this year and even found a Lands' End house at Sears which cracked me up. So I bought that one, too. But most importantly, I found a use for the Thomas trains. I am not a hoarder, often have a little clutter issue, but as I've said before, I will not throw away the Thomas trains. They represent the boys, each one attached to one train or the other. Here Sir Handel follows his friend under the bridge.

But look how cute! See. Arthur giving Duncan a little push.

Over the river and through the woods...Bulgy the Bus and his angry face trying to make it up the steep bridge. I can relate.

Hey, let me in! I want a Red Ryder BB Gun and I've gotta tell Santa! 'K, that's the end of the Christmas cuteness. My Christmas was filled with as much chaos, exhaustion and stress as anyone else's, believe me. I guess I just took pics of the good stuff ; )

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