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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Salz Family Cookie Company

For many years, we went crazy with the cookie baking. We'd have "Cookie Day" one Sunday before Christmas and have at it. The kids were smaller then, heck Ronan hadn't even graced us with his presence. Then for a few years we didn't get around to it at all. But this year, we were back! We gave out boxes of them and from what I hear...were enjoyed by all.

Assembly line.
Santa even enjoyed some cappuccino flats and swirled mint cookies.
Apricot Amaretto Chews...with a little drizzle.
This an A+ recipe from an old Boston Globe Magazine. It's called European Apple Cake and I've made it 100 times. It's wonderful. Don't you want a bite? Come on over.
The Lenox plates come out at Christmas. I try to stretch them out to the end of January, as it seems crazy to save such pretty plates for just one month a year.
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  1. That Apple Cake looks incredible! Can you send me the recipe??

  2. Sorry --- I didn't tell you that it's me Donna Washburn!