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Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Sights and Sounds

my mother wrapped in her "Slanket"...thought it would be a bit of a joke gift, proving to be worth it's weight in gold on these frostiest of nights.
Ronan's very own Elf, Clarence, paid us visits every couple of days or so and left notes!

Christmas morning, a Wii!! a Wii!! a Wii!
8 a.m. Christmas morning. Bailey's and coffee. It's truly the only present I ever need.
Umm? The boys' gift to their dad. They picked it out. You can be your own judge ; )

ok, not such a great photo, but the reason we caught him smiling is his gift of driver's ed. we also made up a fake license. That'll get any teenage boy to smile.

again, the in the goofy gift category. Yes, my family actually bought me Regis Philbin's latest CD. The who, what, where and why of it is to be determined.
The Union Jack played a big role in Carter's gift's this year.

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  1. Hi Martha,
    I'm supposed to be working but decided to take a break and read more of your blog. You're creating such a great way for your family to remember the moments. I love these new elfs. They seem to be everywhere! So, with the thought of "Sights and Sounds", can I share my YouTube video with you?
    The sights and sounds are of my neighbors--cute young kids. My teenagers aren't so cooperative!