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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

an afternoon in the life

You may have seen that Chronicle on WCVB was asking for photos of everything the viewers did on Monday, January 25th. You can submit your photos and they may use them in a future show. So here are some of the things we did yesterday afternoon and evening. Pretty boring, but real life, no? 2:40 pm - Just back from school pick-up here's Mr. Brady who has forgotten how to smile at his mother, unhappy to be posing in the rain. What?
2:50 pm - Carter eating his pb&j and drinking his lemonade in the car on the way to below....
3:10 pm - ah, the follow up dermatologist appointment. "They don't wash enough" I said. "Some boys don't care about acne" she said.
4:30 pm - In the pouring down rain, Rich tries to get the dog out.

8:30 pm Lots of Dunkin' Donuts cups and candy at our Band Parents Organization meeting. Wonder why I can never get to sleep before midnight, hmmm?

8:50 pm - Meanwhile, in the room next door, Brady (far left) is at Winter Percussion Practice.
9:00 Home.
Martha ate 6 Vienna Finger cookies and had some tea.
Brady scarfed roast beef and then a whole box of Mac & Cheese.
But you could say we ate together ; )

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