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Thursday, January 7, 2010

and a couple more

Dan In Real Life with Steve Carrell playing an advice columnist who is a widower with three cute girls under 17 years old. He is wry, witty and funny and a little sad. He goes on vacation to his parents HUGE lakehouse in Rhode Island where about 50 members of his immediate family gather for food, games and water sports. The house is loud, chaotic and full of fun. At times I kept thinking how many people (like me) would be overwhelmed by such gatherings, but you can also see that these are the same people who kept him tethered to a home base while he mourns his wife.

Enter Juliette Binoche who is the girl that both Steve and very funny brother Dane Cook fall for and the rest of the story plays out with Juliette and Steve's characters trying to figure out what to do about their unavoidable feelings for each other.
Funniest scene; Dane Cook is a personal trainer and leads his family in a morning exercise class on the lawn. Hysterical. Steve Carrell was charming as the every man, sort of cute, goofy, funny, warm and stoic dad. B

My Life In Ruins with Nia Vardolos. Umm, you know I just love her for "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" and so since then she can do no wrong with me. This story about Nia as an unhappy tour guide in Greece who finds her "keffi" or "mojo" with the uber-hunky bus driver is kinda boring. The tourists are kinda funny - sometimes. Who cares if there's really no plotline. The scenery is fabulous. So if it's a frosty night and you are under the down blanket, the blue skies and sunshine of Greece will warm you right up. Story C Scenery A

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