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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

putting down a "flor"

That boring old rug was not quite big enough for this room and too light for all of the foot traffic...needed something with a little zest...geez, how many bones does that dog need?? Better move that foot, kid.

Have you heard of the company "Flor" that makes carpet tiles? They come in every imaginable color and on their website allow you to graph and chart your own floor inserting the tiles you like to let you see the end result.
A lot of these (maybe all?) are made with recycled goods, so it makes you feel like you are doing something good while you are changing your floor covering. They say that the tiles are easy care (the dog already barfed, the clean up was easy) and if you need to replace, you just unstick and put another one down. For houses with lots of kids and pets it's a no-brainer.

The only problem you'll encounter is deciding what to order. We played around and played around and finally committed to these colors. The design changed 3 times before Brady stepped in and we all agreed his design was best!

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