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Monday, January 4, 2010

Mom and Dad at the Lizard Lounge



Okay, so off we went Saturday night to see this GREAT BAND, Sarah Borges and the Broken Singles. I have had a clipping of their various appearances for the past 18 months on my bulletin board. Country, rockabilly, fresh, fun, right up my alley. Not knowing much about them but their great newspaper reviews, we got a couple of tickets. They were recording a live CD over 2 nights at the Lizard Lounge on Mass. Ave in Cambridge.

So not letting the threat of a foot of snow stand in our way, off the parents went at 8:30 at night (whoo hoo) to see the show. The Lizard Lounge is underneath the Cambridge Common restaurant and it is the size of my kitchen. Well, my re-done kitchen so not so small, but then you gotta picture 100 people in it. It was charming in the old-school sense. Very dark, lit only by strings of Christmas lights and some (battery operated) candles on the wall. The drinks were great, the music was awesome. The only thing that reminded me of my age was that I kept thinking..."ok now where are the exits to this cavern just in case disaster strikes" and "that lead singer, Sarah, does not have a wrinkle on her face" - two things that would never have occurred to me 20 years ago.

But the band was so so so good. Go buy the CD you will love it. If you see that they are playing at Johnny D's or one of their other regular spots, go see them. You won't regret it. Even in a snowstorm.
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  1. Martha

    Great to see you share our love of this great band.

    SBBS Fan Club

  2. I loved every song. It was a pleasure to see them and I will pass along to all my friends.

  3. Hey martha, Did you drive by my old house?? I miss the smell of Redbones in the morning!! Donna