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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Off to a good home...

Ah, the jewelry of my youth. I love jewelry, the good stuff, costume, vintage pins, all of it. But it's time for our annual Band Indoor Yard Sale and so I am cleaning out and dusting off what I will never wear again. Of course, you can't help tripping down memory lane. I remember wearing that necklace with the kid's names when there were only 2 of them! (I can't give that away, actually.) The giant silver and turq earrings bought in Portland Maine around 1984. The silver beaded ankle bracelet in Newburyport. The pink pearl bracelet at a Gem Show - too small now.
All of these odds and ends that I hope will make someone happy.
Off goes the sweet Limoges ring tray that I got at my bridal shower. I know, I know! But you know what? I use the sweeter little clay pot that Ronan painted to hold my rings.
But I'm keeping the velvet-lined Tiffany jewel box...I'm not an idiot.
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