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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Boot Kickin' at Fenway Park

Another stop on the summer tour.  Oh boy do we have a boot kickin' good time, Julie and me.  We've traveled from shed to shed, but it was thrilling to see Jason Aldean right in Fenway Park.  It's only been a few years that they have opened the Park up to rock bands and although The Stones, Springsteen, Aerosmith and Jimmy Buffett have all played there, Jason Aldean was the first headlining country act.  So exciting!  We might be Northerners, but we are country at heart.

Jason Aldean was the headliner and Miranda Lambert opened for him.  There was not a spare seat and the beer selling records were broken on these two summer nights.

Jason's tour was called "Night Train" cool.
My kinda party.

Like minded gal.  On this night at Fenway, cowboy hats were traded for baseball caps.
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