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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Building a Firepit in a Heatwave - In the Beginning

"I would love a firepit in the backyard" I said to Carter.  He's got a part-time job in a restaurant but thought this would keep him busy in his free time.  Not that he was particularly looking for a back breaking project in a heatwave.  Nor did he consider watching international soccer games for hours on end a poor use of his free time. "What do you think? Can you build one?  I'll pay ya!"  This was always just a scrabbly corner of the yard that had no real definition.

He didn't say no.  He got right on board and staked out a 7.5 ft. diameter.  I kept calling it a firepit, but actually Carter with help from his father and brother Ronan built a patio with a firepit on top.  Oh, who could have predicted what was to come!  It truly was a perfect example of how not-knowing and just figuring it out as they went turned out to be a blessing.  Because if any of them had known the work it would really take, I doubt I would have gotten my firepit/patio at all.  Nor could I blame them.
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