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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Nat Geo Pic

Perhaps the most unlikely photograph I have ever taken.
Early last Sunday morning, I was delighting that the 5, 8, 10 day - who knows how long it lasted, I was delirious - heatwave had finally broken.  While the air was still not terribly cool, it was dry.  While I was puttering around something kept catching my eye.  I couldn't figure out for the life of me what the heck it was.  A bug?  A bee?  A bird?  What the?
My facebook friends came to my rescue with the answer.  It is a Hummingbird Moth.  And a couple of people even said that they only come around really great gardens.  Little pat on the back.  Makes me feel good for all of the babysitting required for any garden in the summer, especially keeping it alive in a heatwave.

Ok, so back to the pic.  Once I realized it was a fairly unique winged thing, I ran in to get my camera.  I took about 10 photos that were quite blurry, changed my setting to "action" and got this in a single shot before it flew away.  Oops, gotta go, there's the phone.
 Nat Geo calling. 
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