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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Building a Firepit in a Heatwave - Using Pi

We needed a whole pallet of stones.  The only had 3/4 of a pallet of  grey stones and we would need to fill in with 1/4 pallet of beige stones.  The discussion began on how to arrange them.  Being math guys my husband and son used the beige ones with the grey stones between them (are you following this?) to mark off the digits of pi.  (see repeats forever, but who has the time or the stones?)
Pi is the ratio of the diameter to the distance around it or circumference.  

All of this was typed in verbatim as my husband was explaining to me.  You want to make a cake?  Ask me.  You want to know how to paint something?  Ask me.   This is not exactly in my wheelhouse. 

Little do these stones know they are part of some great math equation.
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