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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

How to entertain a kid for 8 days

I have been through this drill before.  Vacation is over, scheduled vacation that is.  We are back from a few days at the beach, Scout camp was the first week in August, drama camp ended in July, and we dropped the college brother at the airport so he could start sophomore year.  And now planted firmly in my lap is how to entertain my 12 year old for the waning days of summer vacation. 

But truthfully over the years, I have enjoyed this time with my boys.  Having no more of a goal than to chill out and have fun, I come up with a list of what we haven't done.  Museum, mini-golf, movies, boat cruises, apple picking, are all up for grabs.  Sometimes there is a little arm twisting involved, but I tried to keep the trips to a half-day so they could do what they wanted the rest of the day.  

Knowing the "hammer" comes down pretty hard when school starts and free time is a thing of the past, I am trying to treat Ronan to some fun.  This day's excursion was the New England Aquarium.  Recently revamped and with brand new windows in the tank, beautiful colors of coral and so many beautiful fish swimming by that it is totally enchanting.

Way up at the top of the tank this turtle poked its head up to say hello.

The colors are as mesmerizing as the first time seeing "Finding Nemo"...

There is a ferry that runs from the Charlestown Navy Yard around Boston Harbor, stopping at various points including Long Wharf - home of the Aquarium.  It is not very big as you can see and when this Whale Watch came sailing towards us standing on the wharf, I did hold my breath for a second.   Talk about threading the needle!  No room for error.  But in their skilled hands, they docked perfectly and the smaller white boat in the background was our ferry waiting to take us back to our car. 
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