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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Lift-Off, 7th Grade!

Ah, 7th Grade. 

He was in no mood to pose for me this morning but when he came home he said he had a good day and he really likes his homeroom teacher.  That's a big deal!  My memories of 7th grade are not so great.  I was always trying to please, laughing extra hard, a nervous wreck.  Worried minute by minute about how I looked, what I was wearing and what other kids thought about me.  It was exhausting.  I don't see a lot of that in my son.  He seems very confident and if (hopefully) he learned in growing up in this house, I am very grateful!

My annual back to school sign, now for only one boy to see, boo hoo!  Yes, he alone gets all of our attention, questions, fawning, rules and regulations.  But he also doesn't have to share the tv or chocolate chip cookies.

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