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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Two Perfect Days

With my youngest son in Scout Camp it was the official start of my vacation week.  More of a mental stay-cation sort of thing but a nice break from "will you make me a smoothie" and "I'm hungry" and "can I have a friend over?"...and the words that kept coming out of my mouth..."you have been on the computer for two hours!"

Off I went to meet my friend, Peg, and enjoy an absolutely, positively perfect 10 of a day.  We've had the heat, we've had the rain but this week 80 degrees and low humidity moved in...aahh.

We took in the craft fair at and then a boat ride along the marshland in the harbor.  Transforming.  What a difference it makes to get off the land for however long (in this case it was an hour ride) feel the wind off the water and be needed for nothing.

Then a nice stop for dinner.

The annual road race went by right outside our restaurant window.

This beautiful old maritime town was transformed in the late 1970's and early 1980's.  

It is a charming combination of brick and cobblestone walks, unique restaurants and hip high school kids with fun colors in their hair and black Converse sneakers.  You can go into a dimly lit bar for a cold beer or spent a lot of money at a destination waterfront restaurant.

Or what I think is best of all...bring a picnic and sit in the park and check out one of the prettiest views on the North Shore.

It is my hometown that I do not live in, Newburyport, Massachusetts.
I declare my love.
I am happier every time I go.
I have 20 years of memories through all the seasons.
Kids, boats, fireworks, pumpkins, craft fairs, amazing window boxes, pizza, coffee, bagels at Abraham's, Winfrey's Candies...I could go on and on.  

Back down the road to my "actual" hometown of Reading.  Taking another great day of memories with me.
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