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Thursday, August 1, 2013

The second of the perfect days was the first one to have "Beach Day!!!" written on the calendar.  I had not gone yet this season, Ronan doesn't love the beach and would prefer to go swimming in my brother's pool and I usually go with that...  But Carter wasn't working and said he would come to Maine with me.  That sweet beach air on the Maine Shore is restorative. York Beach is only about an hour from home but I always need everything but the kitchen sink.  Food, change of clothes, couple of towels, books, magazines, etc. My comfort.

Next to me is this chic couple who brought nothing more than a towel and sunglasses.  I was shamed.

And shamed again when my erudite son pulled out his book "The Remains of the Day", reading not for school, not because it is assigned, but for his own pleasure.

This is my book.  Life is serious enough.  I like fluffy, happy, British novels if I am being honest.  But when your own kid laughs at your choice of beach read, you cringe just a little.

But being handsome will only get you so far when your mom beats you 3 games out of 3 in Skee-Ball, brother!

Finishing up the day with a must-stop at the legendary Goldenrod for taffy and what turned out to be quite a long ride home due to an accident on the road out of town.
I am learning to take your vacation where you can find it.  It doesn't always have to be a big planned out trip, stay-cation doesn't have to be just a "poor man's" version of a vacation.  In summer, wonderful things are happening around every corner and no matter what the budget, there is something for all of us.
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