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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Scout Camp

This Saturday morning I found myself in New Hampshire, picking up my Scout after a week of sleep-away camp.  I didn't go on the drop-off because he said I didn't need to and at some point I am thinking we don't "all" have to do everything, right?  Let's give each other a little elbow room.  So his dad took him up and then mom and dad both brought him home.

Although I had hoped that he would like the camp, I was still a little worried that  he would be homesick. A week without friends, family or the computer?  No SpongeBob or Pawn Stars re-runs (the incongruous combination of soccer...that is always on in my house) would he ever manage?

All of this signs lined the dirt road up to the campsite.

Wonderful attributes describing these Scouts.

I loved the crafty nature of them.

And when we finally got to the top of the hill, the closing ceremonies were already under way.  It was so charming, not a very "boyish" term, I know, but isn't it just what you think Scout camp would look like?  
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