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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Two Days to Go - Museum

Ah this wonderful city of Boston has so much to offer.  We have loved having a membership to the Museum of Science and being able to go as often as we like.

Sometimes during the school year we will come right after school for an hour or two and be out by the time the rush hour traffic hits.

I am happy that this place keeps my son entertained.  That's a big bug!

He never gets bored here and with the membership is able to explore all corners at his leisure.

Bonus for the day: eating lunch with Dad who works near the Museum.

This is the elegant courtyard of the Cambridge Brewing Company in Kendall Square.  Who knew?  What an amazingly lovely place to sit and enjoy a meal. On the other side of the brick walls are offices.  I kept thinking, what a great view outside their windows! 
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