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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Milestone

50 years ago today, Richard Eugene Salz was born. He obviously had a thing for dogs from the beginning.

Could he have ever predicted what was in store for him having 3 sons of his own? Such is the mystery of life.
We humans must not dwell too much on the number, else we'd never get out of bed. I will soon have a number "5" attached to my name, but let's leave complaining for another day, shall we?
the requested carrot cake
(unfortunately a little- no a lot- dry, Alden Merrell will hear from me tomorrow)
and a pair of crazy-as-it-sounds-but-much-desired Muck Boots as a birthday gift made the night complete. In fact, he put them right on and took the dog to the park. Dogs don't really care about birthdays. That's another good reason to to keep the muddy paws around. They think you're like, 18 ; )

From the first pup in the baby picture, he's shared his 50 years with canine companions. Dinah, Deegee (Dinah's girl), Tara, Sunny, Zach, Cody, Max, Dakota and the current
owner of Rich, a black lab named Bono.

"a walk we took
my friend and me
so muddy paws
here they be"
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