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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Geeks Rule

Today my son Carter had a "LAN Party" (local area network) with a group of his friends. They descend on a willing parent's living room or kitchen, connect to their Wifi and play Age of Empires II, starting off in the Dark Ages and working the way up to the Renaissance. Everyone brings a laptop and take up at least two rooms to play.
"It's a strategy game about manifest destiny and conquest" says the 15 year old. "it's like you have a base and everyone else has a base, and the goal is to destroy their base." All while munching on pretzels, chips and chugging a few sodas, of course.

8 computers going, two teams of 4. They played for 5 hours and I will say they were relatively quiet. The Geek Squad, perhaps, but let's check in with them in a few years shall we? Hello Bill Gates? Really, though, this is one of the reasons I love this blog/diary - for proof. Because I rule. And Dad rules. Because we let you do this and we retired to the kitchen and didn't bug you for 5 hours. Remember this when we are old.
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