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Friday, February 5, 2010

other random thoughts

Who told Taylor Swift to sing along with every single song when she was standing next to the goddess Stevie at the Grammys? Banging away at that guitar with her loud voice leaving Stevie Nicks to be her backup singer? Not letting the viewer hear Stevie sing "Rhiannon" because Taylor's voice drowned her out? Totally cringeworthy.

The most annoying show I have watched for 10 minutes is "Shear Genius." Who can figure it out? Who cares about hair styles? How does the viewer even know what is a good job or not using hair extensions dyed different colors to cover up the model's breasts? It's the craziest, least entertaining thing I've seen in a long, long time. Camilla Alves, the baby mama of Surfer Dude's babies is really bad at hosting. Bleck.

17 year olds. Bleck. Well, yours might be nice, but mine is not.

Not bleck, this Ab Fab lamp I bought yesterday. I said to Rich "this says everything about me."
And it does. A little bit romantic with a little Texas swing and a little bling thrown in. It makes me very happy. It takes away my blues. There was only one left but I may have to search every Light 'n Leisure for it's mate. Ab Fab, darling.

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