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Friday, February 12, 2010

I Surprised Aunt Jane

My mother and I drove up to Concord, New Hampshire to celebrate Aunt Jane's 85th birthday and take her to her favorite restaurant, Olive Garden.
"They have great breadsticks."
"Don't you love the breadsticks?"
"I'm taking some home."
She's priceless. She loves her "Red Hat Society" meetings, so I gave her a pretty scarf to wear to the next one. Is purple her color or what?
So I worked as an undercover spy and asked the waitstaff to come over and sing Happy Birthday to her. Oh My Lord, it worked and caught her completely off guard. She loved it. She said no one had ever done that for her before! I wish I had known that, because I would have done it every year ; ) A sweet lady and apparently wrinkle free. Look at that firm neck! And no potions or creams, she's not into that. Just good genes that I'll be hanging on to for dear life.
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