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Monday, February 15, 2010

More Valentine's

I make no pretense. We had company and so since we cleaned up everything looked shiny around the clean. (shiny around the clean? what does that mean? it's pretty funny, tho.)You know how that is? And since typically there are winter boots and backpacks covering every surface, I love having photographic proof that for a short while the kitchen was looking good. I like pretty, I like to make a little effort and I really do like Valentine's Day. It's girly in a sea of boys. It's a day to celebrate all that is pink!
I made these for all of my boys and their visiting cousins from New York. Kind Kyle, Charming Carter, Brave Brady, Darling Devin.
Now we're getting really girly. But easy. This "centerpiece" has lasted 3 days already. Floating flower candles from Pottery Barn with some rose petals. Feeling the romance yet?
This is a MOST funny self portrait, literally seeing into the future, as unbeknownst to me at the instant I took the photo my mother walked right into the house, right into the shot. Looking ahead, looking behind. Great, right?

After our great Valentine's Day pancake breakfast, we hit the road and headed up to Kennebunkport to check out our summer beach rental. For one week in August everyone in this picture (plus a few extras) will be making sandcastles, riding bikes and eating lots of ice cream. On this day, however, we could not wait to get off the beach. Frozen, all of us.

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