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Friday, February 26, 2010

After the flood, after the flood

On my daily Bono walk I sought out a tree around the block that Rich said had been pulled up by the big wind last night. Geez, I guess so. Normally I don't listen to him at all, but by golly, he was right about this one ; )
These pretty old trees line our street and we are sorry to see this one go. It was a good peeing tree.
Big old mess. But good firewood.
We had about 3 good inches of wet in our basement. My brother saved the day by loaning us his pump, but still more rain is expected and it's a big mess down there. Why is there anything other than Christmas ornaments in the basement I ask you??? That's it. I'm done. The first sunny spring day I am getting rid of or giving away everything down there because I don't even know what's down there! Although I did see a zip-loc bag in the corner of old kid school stuff and drawings that I will be sick to death if it got ruined...even though I didn't even know it was there. Frustration circle. It's not easy parting with this stuff.

Those apron strings and all.
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