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Monday, March 8, 2010

I Love You More Than Rainbows, Baby

I am such a sucker for the Academy Awards. I guess it's having won Best Novice as a freshman in high school. I got called up on stage to receive my award and ever since then I dream of stardom...well, ever since then I love the movies and especially Oscar night. I make sure I have enough snacks and champagne and settle in for the 4 hour telecast.

Jeff took home the statue for Crazy Heart. Although I am not a voting member of the Academy, he had my pick-up truck ridin', guitar pickin', beer drinkin', love song writin' vote all along.

But how, can I love two at the same time? How could I ever turn my affections from Colin to another man? Jeff is ruggedly handsome and wears his boots well. But truly, madly, deeply
Mr. Darcy has my heart and always shall.
But, wait, George. Not so fast. That sly grin, those mischievous eyes, Mr. Suave and Debonair and that home on Lake Como. Let me not make a decision in haste.

The winner of best original song, Ryan Bingham, for "The Weary Kind" from my movie of the season, "Crazy Heart" - most romantic acceptance speech of the night, thanking his wife....
i love you more than rainbows, baby.
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  1. I love the Oscars too...get my bowl of popcorn all ready...but I like your idea of champagne much more! Let's have an Oscar party next year!