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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sophomore Semi

It's that time of year, bunnies and painted eggs and green grass and proms! All week we have been fitting the suit, getting the tie right, trying on shoes,
and making sure the corsage matched the date's dress perfectly. (well, the "perfectly" part was all my doing, admittedly, a 15 year old boy does not care whether or not to choose a sheer silver ribbon over a solid one) It does make me laugh that while their mother never had a date until her Senior Prom, my sons are quite the social butterflies.
All for the Sophomore Semi-formal, our high school's introduction to all things "pagentry".
A gearing up if you will for the Junior Prom and the big sister of them all, the High School Senior Prom. The girls were adorable, the boys so handsome.

Of course, I thought mine was the cutest!
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