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Friday, March 26, 2010

The Hand-Painted Garden

Today I spent the day helping Tova Speter, a wonderful artist and muralist, complete a wonderful hallway mural in our elementary school. Over the past month she had all the kids draw either a caterpillar or use their own hands as templates for flowers or butterflies. She has worked with 500+ kids from kindergarten through 5th grade. The patience!
Here she is giving the kids' instruction before they begin painting. She did this to about 6 or 7 different groups today alone. And they all listened!
Hmm, this inspires me to do this at home. Have teenagers outgrown making handprints? Nah, they'll just put skull and crossbones, guitars or the likeness of the Union Jack in them. That's ok, art is art.
The artist's jeans. The little ones were allowed to wipe their paint-y hands on them.
A beautiful garden, each one different, each one unique, each one special. Oh, hello Mr. Deer. Didn't see you hiding back there.
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