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Monday, March 29, 2010

Oh Say Do You Twirl?

Welcome to the land of Color Guard. I have had some of this loveliness absorb into me by seeing the girls practice and perform with my band boys but this was the first group competition I had seen.
Yesterday we hosted the NESBA (New England Scholastic Band Association)Winter Guard Finals and it was a sight to see. NESBA supports all things musical in high school, Jazz Band, Winter Percussion and Color Guard. 34 teams of up to 20 girls and guys each each took their turn ballet dancing, twirling and swirling and dancing and throwing their rifles high in the air catching them with a flourish -- and the crowd loved it. I worked as the Judges' Hostess, helping with food, special requests, etc. but from where I sat on the upper level of the Field House, I had a spectacular view for all the performances.
What a happy event to see these kids working together, looking beautiful in their costumes and cheered on by other teams and family. It's perhaps a smaller known branch of the cheering/dance/marching band world, but you wouldn't know it by the standing room only attendance.
Posted by Picasa And like everything else that looks effortless, it is only by months of practice that we got to see the beautiful result.

While awaiting the judges' results, all the groups took to the floor in a communal, happy dance.
Marines waiting for the final ceremony. An interesting contrast to the madness.

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