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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My Cake Decorating Class

For the past 5 Tuesday's I've been taking a really fun adult-ed class, cake decorating. It's probably been about 5 years that I had put a big circle around the class when the catalogs come but this time, I just said "yes" and I was so glad I did.
We didn't bake cakes every week, but purchased 8" styrofoam rounds and frosted, scraped off and re-frosted until we got it looking pretty good.

Then it was the fondant class. It's like sweet play-doh that you can form into shapes. The tough part is that it dries out very fast, so you have to keep it moist and work quickly! Here are fondant roses. Each petal is made individually, hence the huge price tags on wedding cakes if you want these kinds of flowers.
Rolling out the fondant like pie dough.

Putting the rolled out sheet of fondant over the frosted cake gives it a very smooth look.
We also made some little critters. Here is my version of "Meeko" a recreation of my niece's dog for her 13th birthday.
Mom's just want to have fun.
Our last class, the cake decorating finals! Hey, there was a bottle of wine in it, so we all wanted to win!

Furrowed brow, high concentration.

The results! A sweet as can be bunny cake.

This is mine. I am proud of it the results. Even the "pearls" on the side of the cake are hard to make because you don't want them to have little points on them so you have to "round" them off when finishing the little tiny baby swirl, all while bending over sideways.
A whipped cream delight with pretty swirls of frosting.

This is my teacher, Margot. Ok, she's a 24 year old cutie, Johnson & Wales grad, applying to work on a Vineyard in Napa for the next 6 months. I can tell you at 24 I would not have had the self-esteem to teach an adult-ed class. I wish her all the best. Her parents did good! If the boys' ever bring home a girl like this, I am all in!
Upon returning home, the forks were already in hand, plates ready...and they did take a moment to tell me I did a great job before jumping right into the cake.

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