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Monday, March 1, 2010

Feeling Blue

These particular colors, blue with a little green, aqua, sky, beachy hues are my zen colors. I love them. The kids always groan that "everything is blue" and it used to be, but now I've added a lot more green and taupes to my decorating. Still, blue is the color I bring to the dance.
I am just knitting a bunch of squares and going a little blind into the idea of a throw.
This color brings me peace. I love it. Other than the Home Goods blue plates on the bottom, all the rest are collected at craft fairs.
Tiffany Blue front door, always. Rich wrote to them and told them our door was always painted Tiffany Blue and you know, they wrote a lovely note back. Good PR, Tiffany's!
Pottery Barn votive holders. So pretty (and really cheap).

I love this Lands' End blue corduroy newsboy.

No kids read this blog, right?

Gotta give the job a plug.
More pretty things from Home Goods, really the color of the Caribbean sea. I don't shop there a lot, but they do have a lot of things to catch the eye.

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