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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Best purchase this summer!

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I waited and was patient. I knew what I wanted. I knew what I could spend. I trolled the "outdoor furniture" section of craigslist for a month. So many nice things that 'could' work, but not perfect. And then, voila, there it was. Fulfilling everything on my wish list. Around $100, white wrought iron, armless chairs and small enough so that it didn't gobble up all the room on the deck.

It has turned into the breakfast, lunch and dinner spot, leaving the big table on the deck out back feeling like the girl who wasn't asked to the dance. It's just that this cute little table is right outside the kitchen and the table out back (yes we are spoiled and yes I love outdoor spaces) under the pergola is down 4 steps and well, we're lazy.

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