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Monday, August 30, 2010

Ladies Who Brunch

Well, the Lord works in mysterious ways. Hmmm. How could he have possibly known that at this very moment in time, this very instant in my life, I would need a great, uplifting surprise. Well because he worked through my friends, that's why! Today I had a surprise brunch thrown for me by my friend Pam. Ah, so tricky, she. Since we all turn 50 this year I thought we were going out to brunch for her birthday. She turned the whole thing around, planned a party for me so when I walked in and saw a table full of friends, I was jaw-droppingly speechless.
Back in the day of the Del Fuegos, 100 person house parties, a different concert every night and eating whatever food the gals brought home from their second jobs in catering companies; we lived together. The apartment was on the second floor and was a revolving door of boyfriends, gal pals and never-ending stories from the night before. We came and went and came and went from job to job and yet there was always a friendly face at the end of the day (or crack of dawn) to share company and a friendly ear.
9 ladies and a guy! Thank you Patty, Kathy, Jane, Donna, Lisa, Pam, Lorraine, Linda and Paul for a wonderful birthday celebration. It is only through the photographs and stories that we can even believe how many years we have all known each other. You have been the salt and pepper to my stew, the sugar in my cookie batter. Here's to many more stories that make us laugh until we cry.
A picture perfect day on the Boston waterfront.
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  1. Happy Birthday Martha! You are the bubbles in my champagne! Donna